“If there is a stream, men and women will come and drink of it.” This was the in breaking of the Lord’s word into my spirit 35 years ago. It has since witnessed the progressive forming, shaping, and maturing of Purestream Ministries into a viable instrument in dispensing the Stream of the Word to the church of Jesus Christ near and far.

The timeless and timeliness of the Word released in the Spirit’s creative manner has consistently posit into hearers as ‘the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life’. This divine operative of the Word has, in itself, brought the messenger and the ministry into intense and severe scrutiny of the light of His Word. It has ever been in the heart of the Lord that the messenger must, in the end, be a reflection of the message – the messenger and the message as one.

The timeliness of the Word is, in essence, the sounding of the prophetic Word. The bearing of the Lord’s burden in the last days entails the purposeful seeking of the Lord’s mind in the issues of our present time. A seeing from Divine perspective is the essential prophetic call of the church, without which the people of God languish under the commonplace and the too matter-of-fact world that eventually engender paralysis of hearts and minds. The plumbline of God’s Word separates the holy from the profane, the heavenly from the earthly, the spirit from the flesh, and the glorious from the banal.

A Divine plumbline received and embraced in humility progressively restores Kingdom perspective and Kingdom presence in the lives of God’s people. With increasing tangible signs of the church losing the Kingdom in the present hour, the resurgence of the Kingdom of God will once again navigate believers into a governmental relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ; thus, preparing the church for the conflicts ahead that will soon be upon the nations.

The litmus test of the true work of the Lord in the instrument and the ministry that follow is in the freshness and vitality that is constantly demonstrated throughout the course of its history. Be it in times of trials, afflictions, onslaughts, sufferings of various kind, or in seasons of growth, victories, joy, and expansions; the unshakable reality is the fresh spring of His ever-life-giving Word and the unfailing energy of the resurrection life of Jesus Christ that comes through again and again.

The Stream that has borne the instrument has inevitably borne the ministry. The specific doors and openings in the nations have seen the proclaiming of the Word in season and on time that has both immediate consequences and future implications. The forging of relationships, the joy of fellowships, and the kindred spirits of brethren across a diversity of tongues, race, ethnicity, and nationality have been a relish in the profoundest sense – ‘It will come about that every living creature which swarms in every place where the river goes, will live…so everything will live where the river goes’ (Eze. 47:9).

Wong Chin Meng